Code of Conduct  

1. Attendance

  • All academic lesson, activities, assembly and games as per the time table/daily schedule are to be attended. Attendance at all school events and entertainment is compulsory unless exemption is granted.
  • No student may leave the school campus without prior permission.
  • The school’s policy on ‘leave’ must be followed and is non- negotiable.
  • Medical leave will only be granted by the principal on the recommendation of the doctor.
  • Leave granted will only extend to two days, apart from the time taken for travel. In the case of the marriage, the invitation card must be attached Leave must be applied for at least two weeks in advance.
  • Roll-call is given the highest importance, hence absence without any prior permission will be treated as a violation of school policy.

2. Electronic Gadgets and Electrical Appliances

  • Students are not allowed to keep or possess cell phones/SIM cards. These, if brought to the school, must be deposited with the class teacher on the day that the child arrives at the school. If a student is found with a mobile phone, the phone will be confiscated and destroyed.
  • Students are not allowed to keep or use any electric gad-gets such as an electric kettle, room heater, iron, cooking appliance or any other electrical appliance.
  • Students are not allowed to bring to the school, television, speaker or any other equipment that creates a disturbance.

3. Personal Hygiene

  • Students must bathe every day. Boys must have a neat short hair cut which is above the collar and ear-level. Parents are to ensure that on returning, from vacation, the students have the appropriate hair-cut.
  • The nail must be cut regularly and kept short and clean.
  • Students are not allowed to colour, dye or bleach their hair. Use of henna is not permitted on the hair or body.
  • No piercing on any part of the body (except) ear piercing for religious purpose) is allowed. Sporting of tattoos is not permitted on any part of the body.

4. Clothing and School Uniform

  • Students will wear neat and clean school uniform at all times in school as well as on the journey home / to school at the end.
  • No student is allowed to wear floaters or crocs doing class hours with the school uniform unless allowed by the doctor for medical reasons.
  • Sikh boys must wear blue turbans/patkas whenever they leave.

5. Banned Articles

  • Students are not permitted to keep math-boxes, lighters, candles, correction fluid, incense-sticks, firearms, crackers, knives, weapons or any other dangerous items.
  • No Cash or valuables items are allowed to home in school.
  • Students are neither allowed to operate credit accounts with anybody nor use or keep credit/ debit cards.
  • No expensive personal articles are permitted to home.
  • Students are not allowed to tamper with firefighting equipment

6. Jewellery

  • Students cannot wear any jewellery. Students may wear inexpensive watches only.
  • No gold chains are permitted. If a stone is to be worn on religious ground/reasons the student must string it on a strong bleach thread and wear it under his / her uniform.

7. No-Tolerance Policy

  • Parents are requested to personally supervise their ward’s packing before school. Banned items, if found will result in strict disciplinary action.

8. Out of Bounds
The following places are out of bounds:

  • All school laboratories, computer centre without the presence of any teacher.
  • Roofs of all school buildings.
  • Utility areas.

9. Sports

  • All students are expected to participate in sports on a regular basis as scheduled by school.
  • Special playing fields are to be used for a specific sport.
  • No Student is to be punished for underperformance in any sport.
  • The school will not tolerate dangerous play or unsporting behavior.

10. Vehicles

  • No vehicles, including motorbikes/scooters are permitted inside the school, except for those belonging to the staff.

11. Violence and vandalism.

  • Violence against a member of the school community will not be tolerated.
  • Destruction or damage by a student to any school property will lead to strict disciplinary action.
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